IC Incessant Ganga 25-26 February 2017

The Ganga is a life source for regions across the country; and now this monumental water body is faced with multiple challenges and obstructions. Our objective is to restore the River Ganga to a pure state and preserve the characteristic flow which is so vital for us all.


The conference would provide a platform for comprehensive assessment of the prevailing situation of River Ganga and how various interventions have resulted in escalation of problems relating to flood, ever increasing submergence, erosion in new areas, adverse impact on livelihood and the eco-system and finally heading towards extinction of river itself. The experts, social activists, subject matter specialist, persons of eminence who have demonstrated success in relevant fields, administrators well versed on the subject would create a necessary information base reflecting the contemporary analysis of the issues involved.

The conference would deliberate on future policy issues, technical solution, long term perspective plans to conserve river Ganga and its related eco-system in synergy with the ambient geographical and social conditions in a mutually supporting manner. The conference would take up the issue of progressive siltation in the Ganges, other interventions by way of constructing National Waterways, its ill-consequences and way forward as special focus.


"Incessant & Pure River Ganga is our Mission", i.e. Right from origin to its end meeting with the ocean. गंगाकी अविरलता i.e. need of maintaining the characteristic flow of River Ganga

  • River Ganga-Historical evidences, changing pattern of Hydro- Geomorphological characteristics, evaluation of the present day socio-economic problem, river behaviour in plain specifically w.r.t floods and need of silt management.
  • Planning, Policy, Rules and its implementation for safeguarding the river Ganga.
  • Impact of Farakka Barrage in the U/S and D/S of river Ganga, Shrinking of Delta and likely ecological and environmental consequences.
  • Impact of structures likely to be constructed by IWAI (inland Waterways Authority of India) for Navigation in Ganga and its impact on Environment.

A look at the details


The registered participants will be provided all hospitality during their participation for the conference days at Patna. Accommodation for the outstation participants will be arranged in the departmental Guest house/ Hotels on request...


Patna was founded in 490 BC by the king of Magadha. Ancient Patna, known as Pataliputra, was the capital of the Magadha Empire under the Nanda, Mauryan, Shunga, Gupta and Pala empires. Pataliputra was a seat of learning and fine arts.


Water And Land Management Institute (WALMI), Patna was created in 1983 under Water Resources Department, Govt. of Bihar and declared an autonomous organisation from 01.09.1999. It is situated at Phulawari Sharif, about 10 KM from...

Major Speakers

  • Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal

    Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal

  • Padma Vibhushan Shree Chandi Prasad

    Padma Bhushan Shree Chandi Prasad Bhatt

  • Shri Jayanta Bandyopadhyay

    Mr. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay

  • Mr. Rajendra Singh Jalpurus

    Mr. Rajendra Singh Jalpurus

  • Mrs. Vandana Shiva

    Mrs. Vandana Shiva

  • Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala

    Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala


Shri Rajiv Ranjan Singh Honb'le Minister, Water Resources Department , Govt of Bihar


Shri Arun Kumar Singh Principal Secretary, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar


Er Indu Bhushan Kumar Engineer in Chief, HQ, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar


Er Ram Pukar Ranjan Engineer in Chief, Irrigation Creation, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Er Rajesh Kumar Engineer in Chief, Flood Control, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar


ErMurlidhar Singh, Professor (Environment & Drainage)


Er Ishwar Chandra Thakur, Professor (Engineering)


Er Rajesh Gupta, Reader, WALMI, Patna

Er Mani Kumar, Reader, WALMI, Patna

Er Anil Kumar, Reader, WALMI, Patna

Er Shashi Sinha, Asstt. Professor, WALMI, Patna


ErRabindra Kumar Shanker, SE,(P & M Circle-1), WRD, Govt. Of Bihar


Er Bipin Kumar, SE,(P & M Circle-4), WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Er Bimal Kumar Niraj, EE, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar


Er Ashish Rastogi, EE, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Er Manoj Kumar, AE, WRD, Govt. of Bihar

Er S K Sunahla, AE, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Er Chandra Shekhar, AE, WRD,Govt. Of Bihar

Er Tanay Kumar, AE, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Er Shashi Ranjan Kumar, AE, WRD, Govt. Of Bihar

Padma Bhushan Shri Chandi Prasad Bhatt

Prof. Jayanta Bandyopadhyay

Dr. S.Thiruvengadachari

Dr. Santosh Kumar

Dr. Bharat Jhunjhunwala

Mr. Rajendra Singh

Shri R H Sawkar

Prof. Ramakar Jha

Dr. Om Prakash

Prof. Rajiv Sinha

Dr. Snehal Donde

Prof. Nadeem Khalil